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Insertion and Removal of Mediport

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The insertion and removal of mediport is a minimally invasive surgical procedure that either places or removes a port beneath the skin as a means of obtaining central venous access (CV Access). A mediport is generally placed in the chest and sometimes in the arm. Mediport insertion surgery is performed while the patient is awake, with the use of local anesthetics two incision are made and the device is placed. After the incisions from the insertion have healed, a mediport looks like a small bubble under the skin. The visible chamber of the mediport is connected to a catheter, or tube, that is surgically attached to a jugular or subclavian vein, allowing medication to reach the entire body directly.

Mediport surgery goes by many names including portacath or simply port insertion, and are sometimes referred to by the brand name of the port used. Mediport surgery inserts a permanent IV for patients who require intravenous medication that will be administered over an extended period of time, and who would prefer not to experience a needle stick every time treatment is needed. Commonly a mediport prodecure is recommended for chemotherapy, IV antibiotics, blood transfusions and repeated blood testing. The insertion of a mediport may also be recommended for patients who find it difficult to maintain a standard IV, like children, or patients who will need to administer IV medications at home regularly.

Many patients find the mediport procedure superior to other central venous access devices that remain outside of the body, because there is no special care required to keep the mediport clean and normal activities, like swimming and bathing are not affected by the port.

Mediport removal happens after it is determined you no longer need the port. If the port is not in use for several weeks, it should be flushed, and your medical team will provide instructions on how to complete this, but otherwise the port can remain in the body until no longer needed, sometimes as long as several years. Mediport removal is just as minimally invasive as mediport insertion surgery and can be completed right in our office.

To learn more about the insertion and removal of mediport and to find out if mediport CV access is right for you, please call the medical team at East Orlando General Surgery at 407.381.3904 or contact us online.